More Donations, Thank You


List of donors towards The Long Ride Home Home ( to date ) Thank you all from Truck and The Long Ride Home Team :

Jeff Beach, Ron ? , Fess Parker, Michael Pudney, 
Brian Broderick, John ( Juvie ) Matten, Jim Gallegos, Faye Cox, Mrs. A. Wines, Mark Hardy, Sue walker, Terry Barker, 
Dave Weymouth, Lockforce, Chris Bramhill, and one other ( very recent to be posted as the name comes in from the website agency )

Again to you all,.. Many thanks and sincere regards from Truck & TLRH Team

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Thank You


Again another opportunity between training sessions to add to the list and personally thank those kind people out there who have recently donated to TLRH to make it all happen; Recent donations from and as mentioned, I thank you very much for your outstanding support, kind words of encouragement and your personal donations, To : Faye Cox, Mrs. A. Wines, Mark Hardy, Sue Walker, Terry Barker, Dave Weymouth, Lockforce, Chris Bramhill and one other who we are waiting for his/her name from our reporting agency ( at intervals from our website ) and who I will make sure you get mentioned in the next update,....Warmest Regards to you all.... Truck

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New Bike




Guys my bike is done for, so i want to thank Lockforce ( for donating a new bike to me today....extremely grateful ...thanks Guys for the support. Truck

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Bridge over river Kwai


Training ride at the bridge over river kwai.....thank god this bomb didn't go off...or the one on my left!

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Sore leg


A dog finally caught me and this is the result. My lucky day I thought, as he bit deep into my prosthetic limb and not my real leg.. Keep on truckin !!!!

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Gday All, thanks for sending me your messages of encouragement and please share with all as I build up for the long ride home, which will commence from the 12th May this year. Thanks again and i will keep on Trucken.....Truck.

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Chased by dog


Had a dog chase me for a while today trying to bite my prosthetic leg but wasn't too worried as i wouldn't have felt much...haha ...have some stiff competition out here on the road guys!

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Got the tyre sorted and back on the bike for more training


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Out doing a 60km ride today around Bangkok



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Training for the long ride home.....


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