100th day of riding - Tintinara to Bordertown


A fantastic overnight rest in Tintinara with much help from a donated camping site at the Tintinara motel/caravan park and a free room at the Tintinara hotel compliments of the manager Jason Stapelton. Thank you for your outstanding sponsorship as it is deeply appreciated by myself and the team after a big day on the road and being fairly fatigued from being on the busy highway.
A great welcome for an evening BBQ put on by the Lions Club of Tintinara. Many thanks to Peter Wheeler and Colin Webb for organising our meeting and presentation night at the lions club. A kind donation from the Tintinara Lions Club as well which we are most appreciative for, therefore, on behalf of the long ride home team, we thank you for an outstanding welcome and kind donation.
Again, another fine sunny day of weather heading to Bordertown from Tintinara and getting closer to the SA/Victorian border. Certainly close enough to Melbourne to have lots of enthusiastic motor cyclists heading to Phillip Island for the Australian Grand Prix of racing this week end. They all seem to know about this one legged cyclists is about as they passed by in the hundreds as most were giving me the thumbs up and head nods of acknowledgement. Many cars stopping along the way to donate as well. Great support from all as I move closer to Melbourne.
Beautiful views now riding along to see rich crops and grazing sheep in the paddocks. In contrast to riding in the bad weather over the last 6 weeks the last couple of days have been fantastic and hopefully things are on the improve, but I'm told not to get my hopes up as down here there could be 3 seasons in one day. The highway is getting busier as I approach the border and the support drivers try to get off the road onto the verge as much as possible to allow traffic to flow more freely especially the convoy of trucks passing on a regular basis. However, at times they haven't been able to see the bank of cars and trucks coming at speed, but the approaching vehicles have been very polite and gone wide of the long ride home support vehicles that protect me.
Tintinara is a town located in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia. The town is situated on Dukes Highway and the Adelaide-Melbourne railway line. The origin of the name has been debated. One possibility is that a local Aborigine in the area was named Tin-Tin, and the 'ara' was appended to form the placename; or that the Aborigine, one of the Boothbys' employees, was named Tintinara. It has also been suggested that the name may have been a corruption of an Aboriginal word, tinlinyara, which is the word for the stars in Orion's belt.
The area was first settled by Europeans in the 1840s when graziers moved their flocks of sheep into the district. Shortly afterwards the 'Tintinara' homestead was erected by the brothers T. W. Boothby and J. H. Boothby, who held a lease of 165 sq.miles here. In 1865 the new owners, William Harding and George Bunn, built the magnificent 16-stand shearing shed which is now classified by the National Trust, along with the homestead.
The Tintinara wells and Reedy Wells were regular watering points for Tolmer's gold escort team. Tintinara post office was opened in the 1860s.
Arrived in Bordertown to a midday welcome by the RSL and Terry and John who kindly donated a cheque to the cause. The small RSL's along the route have been very receptive to the long ride home cause and Bordertown was no exception today. Many thanks to the committee and members for your support and kind donation. A big thanks to Ken and Sandra McInerny for donating accommodation at their bed and breakfast home in Bordertown.
Bordertown is a small South Australian town near the Victorian border. It is where the Dukes Highway and the railway line, the two main routes between Adelaide and Melbourne, cross Tatiara Creek. Tatiara is the local Aboriginal word for "Good Country". Bordertown was established in 1852 when a direct route across the 90-mile desert was being planned for gold escorts from the Victorian goldfields to Adelaide. Police Inspector Alexander Tolmer was instructed to create a town as close as practical to the border. Tolmer was upset when the town was not named after him, but that was made up for by naming several sites around Bordertown after him, such as Tolmer Park and Tolmer Takeaway. Bordertown is also the birthplace of former Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke.
Thank you the latest donors and support received at Tintinara and Bordertown whilst passing through - Donations by:
* Tintinara Lions Club
* Margaret and Mick
* Neville Dick, and
* The Bordertown RSL
Warmest regards to you all and many thanks to those who have shown their support on line as I get closer to Sydney.
Truck, Juvy, Terry, Deano & Ned Kelly on the long ride home in Victoria, Australia