110 days of riding - Wangaratta to Wodonga/Albury


Another sunny day for riding all the way to Wodonga and a police escort to get me safe into the city of Wodonga for a civic reception to be met by:

*CEO Patience Harrington,
*Kim Strang Team Leader,
*David Thurlay Councillor Arts & Craft,
*Murray Border Vietnam Veterans,
*Gary Treeve & Rob Patterson,
*Graham Docksey OAM President AY RSL Sub Branch
*WIN News

A bit of physio on my knee, the good leg, was needed whilst in Wodonga. Thank you to Rob Patterson who made sure that I would be in the hands of a good physiotherapist and later on for escorting me to the Seamen, Sailors & Airmen's Club (SS&A). Thank you to the committee and staff at the SS&A club facilities for a great welcome, luncheon and gift presentation;

*Col Darts Director,
*Michael Chapman VP,
*Murray Ashcroft Director, and
*Phillip Kelly General Manager

A special note that the long ride home has had great response from the media throughout the whole journey. Without the media coverage of awareness of PTSD to the wider community would lost. Bill Gray (TLRH media liaison officer) has been continuously on the job and in touch with media outlets here and abroad since I left Hanoi. Thank you Bill for your outstanding contribution towards the long ride home cause. Thank you to all media outlets for your coverage of the long ride home and it's awareness of PTSD amongst our young veterans and the wider community of this terrible disease that has struck so many in a very short time.

Finally a big thank you to Michelle for going out of her way and to present me with a gift of a nice bottle of King Valley Reisling and a cycling water bottle that promotes her latest campaign for road safe cycling. Thank you Michelle!!!

Albury–Wodonga is the broad settlement incorporating the twin Australian cities of Alburyand Wodonga, which are separated geographically by the Murray River and politically by a state border: Albury on the north of the river is part of New South Wales while Wodonga on the south bank is in Victoria.

Although in many senses the centre operates as one community, it has parallel municipal governments and state government services. However, the fact that Melbourne is significantly closer than Sydney and the fact that Victorian television broadcasts in the region, resulting (among other things) in the predominance of Australian rules football in the local media outlets, gives Albury close cultural and social links to Victoria, despite its location in southern New South Wales.

Truck Sams on the long ride home Victoria ( Safe Cycling )