A bit of military trivia.

A lot of people that I've met have a misconception of which military forces were involved in the Vietnam War; The British Army for example officially had no troop commitment to the Vietnam War but may have sent a small handful of observers only during the period of the war.

There were quite a lot of Ex British soldiers who had previously served in the British army, came to Australia after discharge then joined the Australian Army later serving for Australia in Vietnam, so maybe that could be the confusion out there. Officially the countries that served here during the Vietnam war were;

South Vietnam
United States
South Korea
New Zealand
Khmer Republic
Kingdom of Laos

The above countries do not include the countries that supported them being;

Republic of China ( Taiwan )
West Germany
United Kingdom

Communist Forces, were;

North Vietnam
Viet Cong
Khmer Rogue
Pathet Lao

Supported by the following countries ;

Peoples' Republic of China
Soviet Union
North Korea
East Germany

South Korea had major bases scattered South of where I am now and their 29th White Horse Regiment was here at Ninh Hoa.
Overall South Korea committed more troops to the Vietnam War than both countries of Australia and New Zealand combined. Two divisions in total; the White Horse and Tiger Divisions main aims were; to control all of route 1 and the neighbouring populations all the way from just North of Quy Nhon to Phan Rang bay along the route I've been coming from and going to further South.

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