Bangkok to Amphawa

Arrived in Amphawa after a bike maintenance day in Bangkok with Pro Bike mechanics and some much needed physio on the sore muscles before heading South towards Malaysia tomorrow.
We are currently overnighting in the floating market area of Amphawa, close to the weekend markets and stalls on the tributary of the Chao Pra Ya river, the main river of Bangkok.
Situated North West (2 hours driving) from here is the Commonwealth War Graves at Khanchanaburi (KBuri) where POWs Australian,Dutch and British POWs sadly died during the construction of the Thai Burma Death Railway between 1942 and 1945.
Further North (17 km) from KBuri, in Lad Ya, stands the Thai Vietnam War memorial and museum dedicated to the 450 Thai servicemen who died in the Vietnam War. Another 80 km further North again is the Hellfire Pass memorial museum built, funded and managed by the Australian Government in remembrance of those Australian and British POW's who suffered there at the hands of their Japanese captors. A special note - Asian Laborers (Rimusha) mainly from Malaysia also worked and died at Hellfire Pass but no memorial has been erected to remember those Rimusha civilian slave Laborers as such to date.
For those who wish to visit Thailand and take a battlefield tour, may I suggest visiting the above venues in the KBuri area.
Every 25th April, Anzac Day Services are held in Thailand - dawn service at Hellfire Pass and later (10.00am) at the Khanchanburi War Graves.
The Royal Thai Army is responsible for protecting the kingdom's sovereignty. It is the oldest and largest branch of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. The army was formed in 1874, partly as a response to new security threats following the 1855 Bowring Treaty with Britain, which opened the country for international trade.
On 22 May 2014 the army deposed the government, appointed military officers to the national assembly, and on 21 August 2014 they elected the army's Commander in Chief, General Prayut Chan-o-cha, as prime minister. The general retired October 2014 to concentrate on political reform which he said would take at least a year, following which he promised national elections would be held.
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The Royal Thai Army is commanded by the Commander of the Royal Thai Army. The current commander is General Teerachai Nakwanich, who was confirmed by royal appointment effective 1 October 2015. The Royal Thai Army headquarters is on Ratchadamnoen Nok Road in Bangkok, Thailand.
A regiment, the "Queen's Cobras", and later a division, then a brigade, served in South Vietnam from September 1967 to March 1972.
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