Chi Phat to Koh Kong

Blood, Sweat and Tears

After yesterday's thrashing in the mud it was off to another bloody hard day, but this time 115 km over the Cardamom Mountain Range for our last day in Cambodia before crossing into Thailand tomorrow,

It was probably my hardest day to date since leaving Hanoi due to the amount of climbs we encountered during the day and distance covered (approx 100 km of hills) ascending and descending for most of the day.

Because of the smashing on the hills, my gel inner liner for my prosthetic limb was continuously full of sweat along with rain water that got inside made the liner very wet and prone to a lot of squelching . So very tough going for us all today which tested almost every muscle in our body. Giles sweated a lot (normal) but he loved smashing the mountains and climbed them with ease, but towards the end of the day every time Troy and I saw another climb ahead I think both of us deep inside may have shed some tears from the heart, as those hills kept coming all day long.

Heavy rainfall periodically during the day which certainly kept us cool but wet for most of the time as well for approx 12 hours.

A flat section of ride for the last 15 km to our overnight stay in Koh Kong (Thai border) which certainly was welcoming on arrival.

All in all today, lots of bloody hills, lots of sweat and tears. Giles didn't help by singing "Riders on the storm" for periods during the ride, which brought on more tears, certainly from me, because it added to the pain. I had to increase my speed a lot to get ahead and away from that terrible song.

Koh Kong is a province in southwest Cambodia with a vast undeveloped coastline and a rugged interior encompassing part of the Cardamom Mountains' rainforest. The forested, hilly Koh Kong Island is lined with tropical beaches. South of the provincial capital, also called Koh Kong, the mangroves and waterways of Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary are home to animals, birds and fishing communities.

Chum Reap Sur Lea Hey
(hello and goodbye)

Truck, Troy and Giles
On the long ride home, almost in Thailand.