Cho Lau to Mui Ne

From desert to sea riding today from Cho Lau to Mui Ne. Like being in a sauna along the way with temperatures nudging 40 degrees, however, worth every degree of heat to finally get to ride along a most outstanding beach line and enjoy riding on the best surfaced and quietest road in Vietnam so far 2,200 kms on down the track since leaving Hanoi.

I'm now away from the industrial area heading for the tourist region of Vietnam. Just out of Cho Lau and early this morning I ran into a few local Vietnamese guys in their 50s above out on their morning bike ride. They tell me they ride 15kms every day and sometimes again in the afternoon, so I asked them to ride along with me for a bit. It wasn't the direction they were heading but they obliged to ride back the opposite direction with me mainly for a quick chat and the video of each other together on TLRH.

Sand,sand and more sand for 75kms today. I've done this South to North route before (4 years ago) with my guide Cracker, but this time the brand new road made it much more pleasurable.

I looked across sections of red and white sand dunes which reminded me a lot of Australia, but no dingos in sight. I stopped in amazement to drop in on some desert dwellers to experience how hot their living conditions were. Being very polite they invited me in for nuoc (water) . It must have been 40 degrees plus inside the tin wall and roofed house plonked right on the red sand plains and quite far from the nearest town.