Dan Chang


A short training ride today to take in the local sights around the town of Dan Chang. It’s very common at the moment to see people out with long bamboo poles and hook blades attached at the end to cut and gather seed pods from the Makham trees throughout Thailand.

I have to be cautious whilst riding along with whistle handy to warn locals wheeling the bamboo poles not to inadvertently shove them across my path as I peddle along.

An elderly Thai woman sits awkwardly breaking open the dry Makham to extract the pulp from seeds which will eventually be put into jars and later used as a tamarind sauce ingredient in many Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Fish cuisines.

I take the short route around the city of Dan Chang to Krasiao Dam taking in the view as the sun is setting over the long stretch of water in the dam.

Local fisherman have taken rest and moored their small boats for the day but large fishing barges that resemble a fleet of navy boats remain on the dam continuously throughout the night pulling in the haul for the local fishing industry.

The clay dam, which is the longest in the country is located at Dan Chang, Suphunburi province of Thailand. The town is convenient to drive a car to and from Bangkok and once in Dan Chang it’s an easy access to the dam from the city centre with a bit of a hill climb if you’re cycling there .

Before the entrance to the dam there are many shops and restaurants to have breakfast or an evening meal. If you’re taking the 10km walk or cycle on the dam wall you should come early morning or evening when the views are very picturesque and it’s not too hot because of the dam wall being sheltered from the sun at that time of day.

Truck Sams on The Long Ride Home, Dan Chang Suphunburi Province of Thailand