Day 23 of riding Quy Nhon to Chi Thanh

Interesting day today in that I had to ride back in towards the mountains again and away from the scenic coast. From the beginning of the long ride it's been exactly that routine for the last 1,745 kilometres, but it's the only way to understand the different cultures and see the real Vietnam. One could have simply departed from Hanoi and hoofed down the highway ( route 1 ) would have already arrived in Ho Chi Minh city quite a few daysago.

In clinical cycling conditions for riding such as smooth roads and certainly not on the types of road that I have had to endure to get amongst the real country of Vietnam and its majority of different cultures you can easily average 120 kms per day here, but it's not much of a challenge to be very frank as you don't see much along the way as mentioned except for modern road side stalls and shops .

Route 1 Vietnam is dangerous, and route 1 there are the possibilities of getting cleaned up by a truck or car whilst cycling on it. There are 10,000 road fatalities per year in Vietnam and Route 1 takes the prize for claiming most of those lives.

I'm not saying that it doesn't happen along the back roads that I'm traveling on and today I took a few photographs of what I call; " road art" that being ; sprayed painted images ( fatality scenes ) on the road from motor bikes or bicycle deaths, a common sight in Asia which I pray not to be a subject for the artist;

Cycling in 36 degree heat and 85 percent humidity inland to the area of the Cham hill tribes today . The Cham ruled Vietnam until they were ousted in the 17th century by the Vietnamese and now they are certainly the minority leading a life of existence, mainly ; farming and cattle in the hinterland and mountains of the country.