Day 25 of riding Cai Lanh to Ninh Hoa


Great rest day yesterday and somewhat charged up today, so those extra ZZZzzzzzzssss came in handy. Up with the chooks a tad earlier than normal with my new guide at the ready ( Cracker ) Given the nickname by our Australian Battlefield Tour group in 2012.

Phat ( Fat ) is his real name and I have ridden approx 4,000 kms throughout Vietnam with him over the last 4 years, including up the coast that I'm doing now but then it was South to North to Hue and with him twice from Danang to Khe Sahn, HCM Highway onto Dien Bien Phu near China and the Laos borders.

Scary moment; Cracker nearly got cracked by a cow today on his first day of riding when the cow was startled then bolted towards Cracker's front wheel. Again, I'm amazed of the sharp reflexes my guides have as they seem to dodge and weave around obstacles on a daily and regular basis

The views today were amazing down the coast to Ninh Hoa where my overnight stay is now.