Day 26 of riding Ninh Hoa to Nha Trang,

Chris McClure of the Mike Force Association presenting Tony Thorp (on the right) Western Australian President of the AATTV Association with the Mike Force plaque.


Australian Army Training Team Vietnam ( AATTV ) Insignia worn by  Australian Advisers in Vietnam.


View across toward the central highlands after leaving Ninh Hoa.

Left Ninh Hoa to a nice goodbye from the lovely chefs at my accommodation for the night. They made me the best cooked meal of Vietnamese beef, onion, herbs, side salad, rice dish and special Vietnamese Soy Sauce ( whacked with the right health calories) I've had since leaving Hanoi. Definitely worthy of a photo with them as they came to say goodbye before I left early. I only had one regret; that I hadn't taken one dish away to eat later along the route .

Tony Thorp Ex SAS and Australian Army Training Team Vietnam ( AATTV ) 1964 and good friend of mine happen to respond to a spontaneous email I had sent him earlier on my way to Ninh Hoa. I mentioned that I was close to Nha Trang on the long ride home, and he replied by saying ; that he remembered Nha Trang was very enjoyable, however, my first encounter with the Vietcong close by at Ninh Hoa was not so enjoyable. I immediately replied and said, well , that's where I am right now ( Ninh Hoa ) at my overnight stay before heading to Nha Trang tomorrow.
I asked him if he could please give me his story of his time in Ninh Hoa;
Tony was with two American advisers and operating with a South Vietnamese Ranger Battalion 15kms from their Duc My Base in the area of Ninh Hoa when they came in contact with the enemy and were receiving heavy machine gun fire late in the afternoon. The American captain called in artillery, however, they were right on the limits of the artillery guns as they could see the shells slowing down and falling short of the targets. The enemy eventually withdrew. On closer examination of the area we identified North Vietnamese participation for the first time this far South in 1964. Tony concluded by stating , Why do I remember ?? This was my first time under fire, and I came through it.
Glad you're still with us Tony.
Many thanks for sharing your story with TLRH.
xin chao va tam biet