Day 89 and 90 of riding - Nullarbor Roadhouse to Ceduna via Nundroo.


A big day again of 145 km riding after a some relief from the storm and getting back on the road. It was an overcast day as I moved along to make up some distance lost whilst being held up during two days of the worst storms in South Australia's last 50 years. I definitely wasn't one of the riders on the storm and along with the TLRH team I was sheltered in the worst of it at the Nullarbor road house. Whilst at the road house I had the opportunity to meet up with a other riders crossing the Nullarbor, some doing shorter stints (Norseman to Ceduna) others riding East to West, and some around the world. Great to hear their stories and to chat with them about their journey .
Approaching Ceduna and now getting into Wheatbelt, sheep and certainly sea food territory of South Australia. A big change to the scenery whilst riding along and hoping the the storms are behind us. However, I'm of the understanding that the storms left a lot of folks stranded and homeless in some cases, and that being one of the sad things of my ride to date. Such disasters effect people's lives by bringing on stress and uncertainty that cannot be avoided. My sympathy goes out to the South Australian community that were left in devastation from such a natural disaster that has effected them and their families and in a lot of cases people's livelihood .
Tourism in the small town of Ceduna was also put on hold because of the devastation of the storm and that being the Ceduna annual oyster festival over the weekend which was cancelled. I'm also told that there are no shortage of oysters in town so I'm sure the support crew and I can inject some tourism dollars into the town by purchasing dozens of the popular commodity over the next couple of days .
To help the Ceduna community in 2017 you can assist by looking at their 2016 program posted above and put it on your agenda for next year; dates may change to different days of course.
We have arrived in Ceduna for a rest stop tomorrow and to refurbish vehicles and stores that were also battered by the storm. The guys are in good spirit, however, I am looking forward to a rest after being battered by the winds leaving me with a cough and upper respiratory problem. Nothing that a days rest and a bit of medicine won't cure (I hope) before a long stretch of 8 days straight riding ahead.
The long ride team have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to keep me going. Well done and warmest regards from myself and the team on the road to;
Wayne Larkin
Troy Lockyer
Bill Gray
Jeff Beach
Noel Rath
Dean Pye
Garry Newman
Tracie Bucknall
Mat Jones
Matt Brown
Giles Beresford-Peirse
Well done team you've done us proud. Looking forward to seeing you all after nearly 5 months on the road.
Also I'd like to say a big thank you to Senior Constable Ashley Meek from Ceduna Police who offered his house for the team to stay in during their stay in town. Facilitated by Senior Constable Dallas Ballard from the station as well who was kind enough to get the boys into their accommodation and provide his service whenever needed including a ride home from the local pub after the grand final.
Certainly a huge comfort for the boys after being on the road for nearly a month and living by the side of the road for most of that time living on kangaroo tail stew for some of the time.
Thank you guys !!!
Continuing onto Poochera today and a big surprise for my birthday on leaving Ceduna this morning when police senior constables Ashley and Dallas escorted me on the bike and support vehicles through the city and out of town. A nice gesture and well appreciated. Again, thanks guys - your hospitality and kindness will not be forgotten.
A big thank you to the latest donors to the long ride home donation bucket. Your donations are kindly appreciated by the long ride home team:
Wendi Avery
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Warmest regards to all those that continue to follow the long ride home FB and website to give their feedback by way of posts, comments, likes and support in general.
Many thanks,
Truck, Juvy, Gunney, Terry and Ned Kelly on the long ride home in Ceduna South Australia