Day 94 of cycling - Whyalla to Port Augusta


Arrived in Whyalla to a comfortable and very well organised caravan and cabin park. The Discovery Holiday Park Whyalla Foreshore were kind enough to sponsor the long ride home team on their stay in Whyalla. A great night in meeting members of the Whyalla RSL and touring through their RSL which I would say is also a museum due to the display of war memorabilia throughout the service's clubhouse.
Great response and sponsorship on arrival in Whyalla, therefore, on behalf of the long ride home team a big thank you to Discovery Parks and the Whyalla RSL for your warm welcome and kindness.
I was joined by my son William who flew over from Christchurch NZ, representing Lockforce, to ride with me for about 4 days. Great to chat with him along the route from Whyalla to Port Augusta taking my mind of the horrendous headwinds for the 90km journey. 
We are now getting into the big smoke and TLRH team are being well received - one such welcome was by the Port Augusta Prisons Department who gave me and the support team a auspicious welcome facilitated by Dan Mahoney and Brenton Welks (Moose). Moose took precious time off prison duties to meet us along the route as part of facilitating a tour of the Port Augusta prison by Dan Mahoney Emergency Response Commander and Prison Supervisor.  The prison tour was certainly an eye opener for the team and made us all appreciates how professional, hard working and dedicated prison staff can be to protect our way of life. On the flip side we should take a moment to reflect these professional warriors who also can succumb to PTSD from their time in service.  From the long ride home team we salute you for your dedication and professionalism.
On rest day in Port Augusta today so time to reflect on the journey to date. A distance of 8,600 km since leaving Hanoi (12th May) and nearly in Adelaide. A big thank you to the Port Augusta Prison social club for a BBQ get together after the prison tour and for putting the long road home donation bucket on the bar for further donations to come. 
A big thank you to Arron Morgan from the Comfort Inn Port Augusta for donating the rooms to accommodate our stop over here. We are hoping Arron, a keen triathlete, will do a short section with Will and I on the next leg of the ride out from Port Augusta tomorrow.
More to report on Port Augusta after our invitation to attend the RSL festivities tonight before heading back out on the road tomorrow.
Port Augusta is a small city in South Australia. It is a seaport and railway junction city mainly located on the east coast of the Spencer Gulf immediately south of the gulf's head and about 322 km north of the state capital. The suburb of Port Augusta West is located on the west side of the gulf on the Eyre Peninsula. Other major industries included, up until mid-2010s, electricity generation. At June 2015 the estimated urban population was 14,214.
It is a natural harbour which was founded on 24 May 1852 by Alexander Elder and John Grainger who selected the location for the port. Mr. Grainger was a member of Government from Adelaide. The port was named after Augusta Sophia, Lady Young, the wife of the Governor of South Australia, Sir Henry Edward Fox Young.
Port Augusta has been able to capitalise on the growing eco-tourism industry due to its proximity to the Flinders Ranges. The Pichi Richi Railway is a major drawcard, connecting Port Augusta to Quorn via the Pichi Richi Pass.
Warmest regards to you all and a big thank you to the latest donors to the long ride home cause:
Kara Jane, Whyalla
Les South, Whyalla RSL 
Joanne Waters, Whyalla 
Phil Templeton, Whyalla 
Michelle and boys, Whyalla 
Port Augusta prison (ERG)
Truck, Juvy, Gunney, Terry, Ned Kelly and Will Sams (co rider)