Dick, Duck and Truck



Changed guides today and said goodbye to Zed who returned to Hanoi., My new guide is Dick and the driver is Duc ( Duck ) very easy to remember ; Dick & Duck
I must be wearing my guides out as Dick was slick to get into the hammock on a rest stop.

A nice road today for with some rolling hills and a few steep climbs. Still in the farming belt, rice paddies, corn fields, and lots of cows and Buffalos and local Vietnamese people going their business from 5.00 am. The travelling sales people on their makeshift motor bikes along the way from nick nacks traders to sellers with live piglets in cages, live chickens and simply morning breakfast being sold along the way.

We stopped a couple of times to meet the locals and traders on their bikes but couldn't help notice the not so lucky workers who have no bikes or cannot afford public transport in the form of a bus, so hoofing it by foot was their only option covering lots of kilometres to get to work in the local village timber shops or on the farms. Amazing that they could still have the energy and motivation to yell out Xin Chao !!! ( Hello !! )