Dien Chau to Vinh


Headed of early as possible today. Got away at 5.00 am and headed out from Dien Chau for a few kilometers to see the ocean for the first time of the long ride home since leaving Hanoi. A refreshing change but the roads are still left to be desirable with potholes, cracked surfaces that could easily bring you off your bike if not concentrating. Lots of buffalo poo and sharp manoeuvres to avoid all of the above , particularly the buffalo dung which tends to splash up on the back of the cycling jersey which the flys just love.

Today we broke out onto the infamous and dangerous highway route 1 momentarily for about 15kms before breaking back onto the bumper thumper coastal road. The Meandering road through coastal villages , road work camps, narrow bridges over klongs, fish and prawning farms, and small fishing villages with Vietnamese fishing boats laying dormant on the mud in low tide were the scenes for today.

Dodging and weaving around potholes filled with water from a bit of rain last night and badly cracked roads seem to be the state of play for most of the 70 km route today. I came unstuck in a pothole on one occasion and suffered the consequences, so thank goodness it's a rest day tomorrow to rest the injury.

In general a beautiful day on the way to Vinh for my rest day ( tomorrow ) which I'm looking forward to.