Dong Hoi to Ho Xa

Change of Cycling Guide on a Very Hot Day

Weather forecast for today was to be a hot day. I was rejoined by my first guide Mr.Giang ( Zang in Vietnamese ) but was typically given a nickname by us Aussies 4 years ago Zed for Z . Zed was my guide for 4 days when I started the ride from Hanoi.

We got underway by 5.30 am to beat the heat and I'd also had a bad day with stomach cramps yesterday so I was hoping for an early finish for the day as well.

All was short lived after seeing a beautiful sunrise over the Nhat Le River in Dong Hoi when soon after temperatures started to hit in the 30s.

A day of sucking down the electrolytes and again admiring the Vietnamese out there in the tropical heat working like slaves,, And yes ! It's not just Myanmar that women make the roads it's the same here as well. Can you imagine 36 degree heat in the midday sun and the workers shoveling the hot mix of tar and gravel onto the prepared surface ( not done by machine ) ??? I definitely felt that I wasn't working and sweating enough after I saw the road construction team battling it out in the hot sun and high temperatures as I passed by.

A Farmer Mrs.Lan on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the village of Le Thuy turns and churns her rice crop like an artist using her feet as the brush. A process of constantly turning the rice over and over to eventually dry all the husk in preparation for the next stage.