Dong Loc Junction Victory Monument


Dong Loc junction victory monument and the story of the 10 ladies of Dong Loc.

Dong Loc Junction ( Vietnamese : Nga ba Dong Loc was a strategic road T- Junction at the beginning of the Ho Chi Minh Trail which was extensively bombed by American Forces during the Vietnam war.

Although it is often referred to as "crossroads" in English, crossroads is nga tu ( 4-junction ). Whereas a T-Junction is nga ba ( 3- Junction ) Dong Loc junction belongs to the Dong Loc commune and the crossroads is famous and remembered for the memorial to ten young unmarried women aged 17 to 22 years old who were youth volunteers helping with the logistics at the T-Junction.

At noon on the 24th July 1968, on the 15th day of bombing, a bomb fell very close to the mouth of the tunnel where the 10 girls were hiding killing them all. The story of the 10 girls was made into a film Nga ba Ding Loc. The location today is a shrine in memory of the ten famous heroic girls.