General Tran Hung Dao

I noticed a beautiful statue on the main roundabout just before crossing the Phan Thiet River after breakfast . I also quickly observed an old man sitting alone on a park bench gazing at a famous statue of General Tran Hung Dao. As I normally do when something catches my eye on this ride I immediately pay attention not to let it slip by.

The 78 year old gentleman was a war veteran and had served as a army infantry surgeon with the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN). and accepted my invitation for an interview, but appeared (during the interview) to talk more about the statue and the history of the famous Vietnamese General Tran Hung Dao standing before us in the park and also giving me advise that I should grow a long beard similar to that of the General.

General Tang Hung Dao (Wikipedia) Real name; Tran Quoc Tuan; Born Thai Binh the region where the famous statue of him is located, period years; 1228 to 1300. Was the Supreme Commander of Vietnam during the Tran Dynasty. Born, Prince Tran Quoc Tuan. He commanded the Dai Viet Armies that repelled three major Mongol invasions in the 13th century.

His multiple victories over the mighty Mongols, Yuan dynasty under Kublai Khan are considered among the greatest military feats in world history. General Tran Hung Dao's military down all brilliance and prowess are reflected in many warfare treatises that he authored. Tran Hung Dao is regarded as one of the most accomplished military tacticians in history. Based on that information and speaking with the old gentleman sitting in the park it maybe worth further reading about his hero but not growing the beard as he so keenly advised me to do.