Huong Khe to Dong Le

Day 10 of riding TLRH

A lot of hinterland riding for the first 40kms today then into a few big climbs that got the cardiovascular working overtime.
Dick the guide is a mountain man and I love the way he races to the top of the ascents with ease. I guess it's his job and he's doing it all year round taking clients back to back that makes him a strong.

I lose Dick ( the guide ) in two days time and that beautiful colourful cycling jersey ( the bear ) that I'm used of looking at will be gone as well. I'm not sure who my new guide will be but I will keep the viewers informed.

It's getting hotter now so my body is sucking up the Pure products in a positive way that I'm thankful for as they get me through the day without cramping and provides me with the sustenance required for total recovery needed for the next day.

It's hard to get into a biking rhythm when the roads change from mediocre to crappy to rolling hills to heart braking climbs. I'm concentrating the whole time looking for potholes or cracks in the road so as not to fall or deviate of course into the path of a motorbike, vehicle or truck behind me. I'm sure part of my tiredness is from exactly that; concentrating to stay alive.

For the first time today I reached my B&B room and collapsed onto the bed in a ball of sweat and said to myself ,, That was a hard !!!!

In the same exhausting breath whilst I'm on the road I try to take in the beautiful scenes of the mountains and jungle and not to hate the idea why I'm here in the first place. When I reach the top of a climb I take a moment to raise my bike in the air as though I'm conquering Mt.Everest then look forward to the downhill descent, sometimes up to 30 minutes or even more.

The long road ahead 95Kms today ( hinterland and climbing )