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From Hanoi, the veteran Australian started cycling 10,000 km journey
Despite losing his left leg in the accident but his skydiving Laurie 'Truck' Sams, 67, was determined to make the journey with the desire to erase the memories of war.
45 years ago, Sams is a member of the Regiment landed air forces of Australia, participated in the Vietnam War in the northern area of ​​Vung Tau province. After 12 months, he returned home but "encountered" different reactions about the war, and then Sam disorder post traumatic (PTSD).

"The hardest thing for me is to integrate back into society, then people think the Vietnam War was not a good thing. I almost have to grapple with everyday life," Sams told VnExpress before starting the journey.

Have to wait until 20 years later, Sams and veterans as he can open confide in friends, society, about what they have gone through, "things are not easy at all." To 2009, Sams do something that previously he thought that never happened: back Vietnam.

Traveling by bicycle, Sams went to many places former battlefields like Khe Sanh, Long Tan, Dien Bien Phu, Sapa, Da Nang and the Mekong Delta provinces. A total distance of 12,000 km passing him. Sams share he met and talked with a lot of Vietnam veterans, about their scars, learn more about their time on both sides of the battle lines.

"That's the way to look past tolerance worse, is my healing journey, back to Vietnam helped me a lot and I love to come back to this place," Sams said.

Share about a missing leg, Sams said the accident occurred in 1995 when he tried to save his students as they fall vertically to the ground because the spiral broken though, from a height of more than 1,500 m. After the incident, he was awarded the Order of Courage Star. Over a period of learning how to walk with artificial legs, he led two expeditions to walk 315 km long (on the territory of Thailand) on the rail Thailand - Myanmar. He also had many charity bike ride in Asia. Sams also made more than 5,600 parachute jumps respectively, won the world championship of Australia and numerous awards.

During cycling starting from Hanoi this time, Sams will spend 6 months to go through several provinces to come to Ho Chi Minh City, then turn west to Cambodia and Thailand, according to the Gulf of Thailand to go round, and pointed south to Malaysia and Singapore. At this point, the party flew to the city of Perth, Australia on 31/8, started the journey quite strenuous cross the Nullarbor to Adelaide, then to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Expected him to toe the Sydney Opera House on 20/11 this year.

According to Sams, he wanted to spend more time to learn more about Vietnam, meet people, learn the culture, about life, about how to cook. He recognized the beauty and cuisine of the region is one of the things that urged him on his way.

"What I'm trying to do is contribute to promoting Vietnam's tourism to Australia. The experience of myself is a way Australia can make many people want to come here, come to visit interesting and invest in Vietnam" , Sams said.

He said his journey is the way he chose, unlike nhungviec that the veterans do Australia and the US are working to heal the wounds of war. Besides, Sams hopes on his way to go, he also helps people understand more about the Australian veterans are suffering from PTSD and to donate a certain amount for them.

"This journey is not only to help people understand more about our veterans, but also in honor of Vietnam veterans," he said.