Thanks JJ Cycling


I had my bike/physio appointment in Bangkok at JJ Cycling.

The 2 hour donation from JJ Cycling included;

- Computerised bike fitting which measures correct / incorrect body position whilst cycling
- Physical/physio check whilst on the bike to ascertain soreness
- Anatomy measurement including my fitted prosthetic limb in comparison to my good leg whilst cycling so as make adjustment to the bike if required.
- Physio check up to measure muscle flexibility and physio treatment to any existing pain brought on during the recent training.

John Julius ( JJ ) is the professional guy running the practice and along with his staff/Physio therapist Toey were responsible for putting me through the session.

John made a few adjustments to my bike during the session along with a computerised confirmation so things checked out for a overall correct riding position for the hard yards ahead.

Thanks JJ Cycling!