Laem Klat to Rayong

Apologies to all for no TLRH FB reporting yesterday due to a very early start interview with ABC radio live this morning.
We've had 5 days of riding since Veal Renh (Cambodia) and another big day tomorrow to our rest day in Pataya totaling 596 km in 6 days. Mainly riding in heavy rain, except for today. Therefore, Giles singing "Riders on the Storm" and "Climb Every Mountain" for most of the way I'll just have to live with as it's certainly been the situation whilst riding through Cambodia and the last couple of days in Thailand.
We are currently in a small coastal town called Rayong after a very hot and humid 92 km ride today and looking forward to our rest day in Pataya after tomorrow.
The bikes have been taking a smashing from the monsoon season and bad roads in Vietnam and now with John Graham (a pro mechanic) maintenance will be a lot better. My Trusty Trek bike will need major component parts changed by the time I hit Bangkok, after 6,000 km clocked up on a fairly new bike (including my training rides and riding from Hanoi to Bangkok).
I should be able to get from Rayong to the Trek bike shop downtown Bangkok in 3 days without a worry as the roads are quite good and Thailand has organised bike lanes throughout the country as well (smooth going).
Rayong Province is a province (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are (from west clockwise) Chonburi, and Chanthaburi. To the south is the Gulf of Thailand.
King Taksin (of Thailand) came to Rayong after the fall of Ayutthaya. During a short stay in Rayong he built a navy, and then went on to Chantaburi to assemble forces to fight back against the Burmese. There is a shrine in Rayong where local people pay respects to Taksin.
Rayong Fruit Festival - In May of each year Rayong's fruit reaches its peak season. The venue changes between Mueang and Klaeng districts. This festival occurs at Tapong market area in Mueang district in May–July for about one week. Rayong Fruit festival has a lot of activities such as musical performances, fruit eating competitions, poetry readings and heritage exhibitions. Vendors sell OTOP products from Rayong and popular fruits such as durian, rambutan, and mangosteen. This festival has special shows such as the fruit parade and The Miss Fruit Gardener contest.
Sunthon Phu Day - This is held on 26 June of each year at Sunthon Phu Monument, Klaeng district, to honour the great poet.
Changing the robe for Phra Chedi Klang Nam - The annual event is held during the full moon night of the 12th lunar month, or in November. The robe blanketing the pagoda in the middle of the Rayong River, in Mueang district, will be changed. People celebrate the event along with the Loi Krathong Festival with boat racing and local entertainment.
Thot Pha Pa Klang Nam (Waterborne Robe Offering Ceremony) - During the Loi Krathong Festival of each year, or on the full moon night of November, people living near the mouth of the Prasae River prepare a monk's robe at the pier. After completing the ceremony on the boat, a monk will come to get it. Normally, the robe-offering ceremony is held at the temple. This special tradition has been celebrated for over a century.
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