Long Hai to Vung Tau

Feeling somewhat refreshed now after cycling today. A rest day yesterday and the shortest ride in a long time (35kms) to Vung Tau topped it off.
I had just been to Vung Tau, Long Tan (Anzac Day) for a combined reunion and battlefield tour in April (just passed). A combination of the older SAS troop guys (Vietnam) like myself and a few younger SAS war veterans (Iraq/Afghanistan campaigners) got together with the objective of exchanging ideas and mixing of cultures amongst the diverse group of veterans. My former Troop Commander Lt McBride (Lt Col retired) whom I served under (The Boss) gathered the old boys whilst we were here in Vung Tau to talk about old battles we had been in very close to where I am now. A few funny stories were told as well to add to Robin's A Troop memoirs about our tour of duty (A Troop 1 SAS Squadron) 1970-71.
Robin, I wish you well with the project and look forward to the real stories in written form of our time here as a troop together over 45 years ago.
I knew I was getting close to Vung Tau this morning after I glimpsed a lady selling second hand military items on the side of the road. She pulled out a box with old (supposed) zippo lighters to show me hoping for a sale. Military zippo lighter have been zipped around the world for quite awhile (even on EBay) and have become collectible items, but, beware the foolish buyer, I thought. I declined from buying one from her, but I thought it appropriate to give her a tip (Vietnamese culture) for taking a photograph of her and the collectibles items on offer.
Finally arrived in Vung Tau and took another opportunity to have a photo with a beautiful young Vietnamese couple getting married . I could not resist and gave them the normal good luck wish from the long ride home team and the normal Vietnamese good luck statement; "Make lots of babies" which I'm told is good luck for them.