Mr Khoi


Meeting a Vietnamese War Hero Mr.Khoi who fought at the battle of Quang Tri.

The story progresses in meeting Mr.Khoi which was fate I think, as I was riding along there was a straw hat laying on the side of the road at which time I yelled out to Dick my guide to stop and grab the hat that it belonged to someone who had lost it and within a heartbeat a Vietnamese man arrived back at the location on his bike to collect his hat.

I noticed that he had a military demeanor about him and I asked him was he a former soldier ? He noticed my artificial leg and immediately rolled his trousers up revealing his own prosthetic limb and then introduced himself as Mr. Khoi a former soldier who fought against the Americans in the battle of Quang Tri in 1973..

He had been wounded in the battle by shrapnel from an artillery round which he described as horrific as the exploding shrapnel ripped his lower limb straight off, but he said that he escaped without any more wounds , so luck was on his side.