Mui Ne to Lagi

Again, beautiful coastal riding today. The industry is defiantly tourism along the long stretch of Gold Coast beaches until my stop here in Lagi 85kms further on from yesterday. Lovely resorts, private condominiums and housing projects that sadly for some, came to a big halt during the big crash in 2008. Such a shame to see empty abandoned houses along the way, houses that could have been someone's lifetime dream, but now stand alone and empty on the coastal hillside to erode like the shifting and changing sand dunes in the region.

Great riding on pleasant road again, certainly for at least 65kms until going inland for a bit on some very rough road for the last 20kms to Lagi. Saturday today and unlike the Northern folks on the farms and in the country towns who work seven days of the week there were heaps of Ho Chi Minh city dwellers traveling up the coast for the weekend such as; motor bike clubs and car club enthusiasts. So alertness in the saddle was the key in getting here safe today. Eyes like a mad cat as always !!!

Cracker ( the guide ) took an opportunity to grab some Vietnamese breakfast at a very popular noodle ( Pho ) cafe in Phan Thiet very early hours. Mrs.Van the owner of the cafe has a sister living in Melbourne and was very happy to know that I was cycling to there,so she thought a discount for breakfast was appropriate as a donation for the long ride home lone rider and Vietnamese support team.

Thank you Mrs.Van from the Long Van Cafe in Phan Thiet from the Long Ride Home Team.