Phan Rang to Cho Lau

Definitely the best views of the coast today following a new road with uninterrupted views to the China Sea. With massive cliff and rock formations to left and right along the way. After leaving Phan Rang it was somewhat hazardous with large sections of the road covered in sand from the near by sand dunes making it dangerous road conditions for cycling .

Once climbing to higher ground, but, not necessarily higher pastures, there were sections of heavy rock fall along the coastal route. The incident certainly had my guide Cracker and me having eyes like mad cats to stay alert and prepared for any more that may fall across our path over the next two hours of winding our way around the cliff edge.

It was unpleasant to have to go down to the salt flats and old Route 1 again. The last 60kms to Cho Lau proved to be the same; noisy buses, noisy trucks and motorbikes skimming very very close to our back wheels on a regular basis. The last 60 Kms also proved to be the toughest section due to raging head winds and with gusts that occasionally made the pedaling somewhat tricky.

One could tell that Ho Chi Minh City wasn't that far away in the scheme of things as the landscape rapidly changed. International (joint venture) factories scattered along the route, Japanese built power and gas plants, and a bit of the green and clean on the horizon; Massive wind generated power turbine machines stood tall on the landscape.

I talked to a man laying in his hammock inside his small tin shack adjacent route 1 , then I walked out his back door to see the green and clean machines that resembled UFOs right on his back doorstep.

I pondered for a moment, thinking the obvious; here lays a man in his hammock in his ordinary tin shack and out his back door are those monstrous machines that block his multi million dollar view to the coast - views that give him peace and solitude as he swings back and forth in that hammock. And what use are those machines to me he must think?

In summary, the picture just didn't fit the frame from my observations in that very short moment, but, I'm sure the monstrous machine are all good to assist our global climate problems that continue to get worse from all reports.