Singapore to Perth


After a well earned rest in Singapore, Matt Brown from Lockforce has finished as my support rider covering 1,400 km since leaving Surat Thani Thailand. Thank you for your great support Matt and I am sad to see you leave.
It's been a hard slog of 5,850 km in 73 days of riding for me on the SE Asia leg. A lot of water under the bridge since starting in Hanoi in May. Meeting different cultures of Vietnam, having a lot of near misses on the road, meeting many Vietnamese Veterans (including a lot of amputees), reporting on the people of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and other aspects of those countries.
Raising awareness of that terrible disease Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is worth the pain and agony.
I arrived in Perth a couple of days ago to a great welcome by media outlets channels 9, 10, ABC and other media outlets including RSL media, the West Australasian and Media Network (WAMN) all who have assisted me with my objectives for the long ride home. Not to forget the other media outlets 6PR Radio and West Australian newspapers - all TLRH media can be found at
I've still got a couple of weeks in Perth to acclimatise, continue raising funds and attending to logistics before being on the road again. Donations are still coming in and I'll have time this week to thank those people who have kindly donated.
I know a lot of you are trying to catch up with me now that I'm in Australia - I take this opportunity to apologise for not being able to meet you personally due to taking some time out for myself to recoup and recharge the batteries. There is still work to do assisting the media in getting the word out, fund-raising and just simply being involved in the logistics in getting ready to continue on across Australia on the 5th September.
My thanks does go out to the volunteers coming on board for the across Australia phase - Trevor Gunning (WA Event Coordinator and support across Australia), John Matten (Support Driver), Bill Gray (Media Officer) and John Arthur (RSL Media Officer).
Many thanks to Norm and Merle Oates (Retra Vision, Narrogin) very close friends who are kindly donating their time and resources whilst I'm in Perth to make my time an easy one whilst getting ready for the next big phase.
All the best and many thanks to you all who are keeping up the posts and words of encouragement on my website.
It was an honour to finally meet Barry Chalk representative from one of TLRH charity beneficiaries, RSL Defence Care, on arrival to Perth. Looking forward to more donations towards that charity along with St. John of God (Richmond Hospital) and the Bravery Trust all having special care units for PTSD sufferers.
Truck, in Perth, Australia