Thai Hoa to Dien Chau


Today's photos are all about those fantastic people and faces who constantly yell out to me on the way ; Hello !!!! Xin Chao !!! Anh di dau ?? ( where are you going ??) from the market places on the way, on the stops, passing people from the opposite direction or going the same direction when I pass by..

They're all very excited to see this very strange one legged foreigner riding through their country. They even pull alongside on their motorbikes and like to chat for a moment, even though dangerous , one can not help but chat back to them in my limited Vietnamese language or just simply exchange a friendly smile.

I sit back and look across the rice paddies taking a moment of solitude, the muscles are sore from 7 days riding ( 500 kms ) over some good roads and some very rough & dangerous roads but, I think on the positive side of things. I think about the lovely and kind Vietnamese people I've met so far along the way, I also think of the long journey ahead, hoping that nothing changes in that I hope to meet more of the Vietnamese people in various regions of the country whom I'm sure will open my eyes even more about this beautiful country, a country 45 years ago I only knew as ; the country of war destruction, and bad memories,

I'm now down on the coast for another two days before zig zagging inland to the Ho Chi Minh Highway yet again..I'm looking forward to the day's rest in Vinh, photos shows where I've come from West across the river and inland and then a view South across the town of Dien Chau
( where I am now ) towards Vinh where I will have my well earned days rest before venturing further.

Xin Chao Truck