Thoeng to Dok Khantai onto Chiang Muan


Day 3 and 4 of riding Thoeng to Dok Khantai onto Chiang Muan over 150kms.

Some rolling hills on Day 3 of Riding similar to what I'm used of on the Ho Chi Minh highway in Vietnam before hitting some smashing hills in the national parks between Dok Khanthai to Chiang Muan.

On reaching an ancient village (Wiang Law) discovered by local villagers, about 12 years ago a special invitation was given to the team to visit a newly established museum which now proudly displays antiquities a thousand years old recently discovered amongst the ancient ruins of Wiang Law; Buddha statues; pottery, vessels, Buddha amulets and ancient human remains. Sadly I wasn’t able to take photos inside the museum to put on the blogs here. Worthy of a visit if you’re in the region.

The weather is true to form for the region this time of year, still misty mornings, a nice chill in the air and we are able to clock up some good kilometers before the sun starts to beam down with a vengeance around midday.

Very little traffic to worry about so one can easily goof off for a moment and enjoy the views to the surrounding mountains, farmers cutting the rice, rivers and streams supplying locals with a daily supply of fresh fish.

A well earned coffee stop occasionally allows us to talk the local villagers to learn more about the region. One coffee shop owner made a beautiful brew of locally produced coffee beans being synonymous to the Chiang Rai district Doi Tung Coffee.

Neighboring districts are (from the southwest clockwise) Pa Daet, Mueang Chiang Rai, Wiang Chai, Phaya Mengrai, Khun Tan, and Wiang Kaen of Chiang Rai Province. To the east is Bokeo Province of Laos, and to the south is Phayao Province.

Thoeng is a mountainous district. The conspicuous 1,174 m high Doi Ian rises 12 km to the east and 823 m high Doi Kham rises four km south of the town between Thoeng and Chiang Kham. There are some higher mountains in the east of the district such as 1,013 m high Doi Pha Mon and 1,442 m high Phu Chi Fa at the border with Wiang Kaen District. The Ing River, with its source in the Phi Pan Nam Range (Doi Luang in Mae Chai District, Phayao Province) flows through the plain area of Thoeng. Other rivers in the area are the Lao River, a tributary of the Kok River, from Doi Phu Lang Ka, Chiang Kham District, in the north and Ngao River from Doi Pha Mon and the Plong River.

Up the hill, through the hill, eat that hill, keep calm and carry on.

More to follow with a big 135kms tomorrow before a well earned rest day.

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