Trucking Home


From the jungles of Vietnam
To the skies above our land
He excelled at all that he could do
A career par excellence
With a family that he adores
Still carrying the stress of war with many more
So to meet the enemies of past
Befriend embrace and have a laugh
Friendship to a world that can be sour
It began in sweet Hanoi
In humidity and well known soil
Synthetic leg and a bike to Singapore
To Perth to hit the road
Canberra Sydney the journey goes
Through sunshine, winds and rain he rides
With flag and trusty bike
And supporters and trekkers alike
Spurring him across our Nullarbor
Across our wide brown land
Through droughts and flooding rains
He's bringing the lands together a little more
So when the journey's done
Help for veterans and from friends
Truck will have travelled A Long Ride Home.

Author: Noel Rath
3rd October 2016