Just finishing the long arduous ride along the Ho Chi Minh Highway and the North West Frontier short of Dien Bien Phu ( near the Laos border in 2014 )

image2.jpegCycling in Hanoi ( 2013 ) at the 2,400 kms point before cycling onto Dien Bien Phu into Laos finishing in Vientiane another ( 2,000 kms )

image3.pngAfter teaching the top of the Hai Van Pass close to Danang ( a 2 hour climb ) 1st day of a 15 day ride ( 1500 kms ) Danang to Dien Bien Phu Vietnam 2014

image4.jpegOn a training ride in Thailand 2015

image5.jpegMaking conversation with local people near Prao Vietnam 2015


Cycling on route from Phong Nha to Huong Khe along the Ho Chi Minh highway on tour Danang to Dien Bien Phu 2015.

Meeting some former North Vietnamese Soldiers ( 2015 ) who fought in the area of the Phong Nha caves during the war 1970s

image8.jpegTaking a breather in the mountains near Mai Chau NW Vietnam 2015