Vinh TLRH ( rest day ) 
A rest day today in Vinh but warranted a visit to Ho Chi Minh's birth village. I've been there before on a cycling trip to Dien Bien Phu but decided this time I would go early to beat the Vietnamese tourists that flock there to see this famous place .

From Trip adviser; the village is a recreation close to the original place where Bac Ho ( Uncle Ho as the Vietnamese people call him ) was born and grew up. The site is in 3 sections, the first is a museum and the second is a temple ( shrine ) to Uncle Ho and the third is a reconstructed village where the great leader was born and grew up. There are many beautiful gardens surrounding the site and it is kept very clean. Up the hill behind the site is a little known place; the tomb of Ho Chi Minh's mother.

Just up the road approximately 10 kilometres is the birth place of Ho Chi Minh's father. That is also worth a look, if you have the time and interested in history. All quite a contrast as to where the great leader and Vietnamese hero lived and grew up to where he now lays for all to see in a mausoleum ( Lang Chu Tich Ho Chi Minh ) in Hanoi having been given the same traditional respect as famous leaders alike; Stalin, Lenin and President Mao

Xin Chao